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Meet Barb

How I Work

How I Work

My reasons for becoming financial professionals are deeply personal. I repeatedly saw many friends and family struggling to find the help they needed to map out their financial future. I am confident that with my understanding of personal finance, coupled with my training as financial professionals, I can help people better prepare for the future. After years in the business, I have developed a reputation for educating individuals in an easy-to-understand manner so they can grasp personal finance and use those concepts to pursue their financial objectives. I feel a commitment to our community.

A holistic approach adds perspective to all I do and provides increased benefits to our clients.

Meet Barb Vavruska Fish, CFP®, CMFC®, RICP®

Barb Vavruska Fish, CFP®, CMFC®

Financial Advisor

(605) 310-0920

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My focus is helping clients pursue their financial dreams, wishes, and desires. For some that may be having financial independence at an early age, for others it may be a cabin on a lake, or helping their children pay for college. I...

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